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          • Dongguan Jefa Electronic Co., Ltd, At your side the most trusted electrolytic capacitor professional partners!

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          Dongguan Jefa Electronic Co., Ltd
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          Company Profile

          Dongguan jiefa Electronics Co., Ltd., located in Tangxia Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, is a state-level high-tech enterprise integrating R & D, production and sales of aluminum electrolytic capacitors. After several years of quality improvement and market development, the company has been growing and has a certain brand awareness in the same industry. It is a new high-tech enterprise, Specializing in the production of LED driver, switching power supply and other models of a full range of aluminum electrolytic capacitors, its jefa brand.
          The company was founded in 2009, in Dongguan and Hunan Yiyang set up production plants. At present, our company has excellent production and management team and good working environment. At present, our company has about 500 employees, with a monthly production capacity of 230kkpcs and a monthly shipment volume of 180kkpcs. Our company has successively passed iatf16949, ISO9001, ISO14001 and other system certification. Production workshop has domestic advanced aluminum electrolytic capacitor 100000 dust-free workshop; It has a fully automated production line with exquisite technology, advanced inspection equipment such as X-ray and RoHS instruments, and high reliability test equipment such as constant temperature and humidity and cold and hot impact.
          In addition, in order to improve the consistency and reliability of product performance, we also have a number of core manufacturing technologies. In order to effectively solve the problem of aluminum foil dust involved in the core and avoid product short circuit, our company has developed an automatic central dust collection system. In order to reduce the riveting contact impedance, reduce the low temperature rise, and extend the service life of electrolysis, we have introduced the pre punching technology In order to transfer the heat generated by the product core to the product surface and solve the technical problem of heat dissipation of electrolytic capacitor, we introduced the negative foil outsourcing function. In order to reduce the operation error of manual control of nailing thickness detection, and effectively solve the problem of manual first piece inspection, an automatic detection system of nailing thickness is developed, and the accuracy reaches micron level.
          Our company adheres to six lean, 7S management and visual color management systems, adheres to the tenet of quality = dignity, character = product, and abides by the contract. Our products have passed the SGS (RoHS / reach) environmental requirements certification. The company with its high quality products, cost-effective and dedicated service to win the high trust and praise of the majority of users;
          General manager's message: all based on the concern for each other's love and growth, stimulate potential, so that self-worth can be fully reflected. Our concept, I / we promise: to create a "passion, pay, efficient, win-win" jiefa team to create value and share results. Sincerely looking forward to your participation and cooperation! Thank you for giving, thank you for the society!


          Address: No. 11, Pearl Street, Shima Community, Tangxia Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China

          Email : jf@jiefadg.com

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