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          New beginning, new journey

          Date : 2017-09-30   Author : JEFA Editorial Department

              Farewell to the old Lin Cun factory, the new plant into the mood of various flavors. Take on an altogether new aspect, the company added a domestic advanced aluminum electrolytic capacitor clean production workshop, and superb technology of fully automated production lines, X-ray, ROHS instrument and other advanced test equipment, constant temperature and humidity and thermal shock and high reliability test equipment. In addition, for to improve the consistency of product performance, reliability, we also have a number of core manufacturing technology... Standing in the new sail line, we are fully equipped for, set sail, high Yin a "ambition can sometimes sail sea! We have the hearts of the new goals and dreams, strive for the electrolytic capacitor industry and national self perfection, and strive to do better! But also realize their value of life better. Because of you, be grateful, thank you support vendors, customers and friends, let me We have a new starting point, again to a new journey!

          Let us work together to open a new journey began with a "good day".

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